Dreampoems I

by Rektagon

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What lies at the bottom? A secret unanswered. At the cave mouth, an abyss teaming with life greets your gaze. You descend slowly, passing by the watch of unseen eyes, obstructed by a milky darkness. Upon the floor of the cavern, you look out to the shore which laps at your feet, waters darkened by the basalt ceiling above. Invisible lips blow a gentle breeze upon your face, you walk to the shore, through the seething foams of each lapping wave. The water gathers beneath you, more and more as the shoreline disappears behind you...until you’re floating, supported by the water below and cavern above. The eyes peer down from above, glittering in the distance.


Dreampoems is a cycle of 18 songs on four EPs; the third collection of music released by NYC-based producer and composer Rektagon. The cycle is loosely based on Charles Baudelaire's 1857 poem La via anterieure. As Baudelaire speaks surreal imagery and fantastic landscapes with his words, Dreampoems paints them with sound. Drawing from the tonal arc of La vie anterieure, each EP attempts to capture a different mood and provide a portal to a sonic landscape listeners can step through and lose themselves in. From one song to another, the cycle is a journey through unconscious regions of the mind.

A long time I lived under vast porticoes
Which marine suns tinged with a thousand fires
And which their tall pillars, straight and majestic
Caused to resemble basalt caves at night

The surge, as it rolled images of the sky,
Mingled in a solemn, mystical way
The omnipotent harmonies of its rich music
With the colors of the setting sun reflected in my eyes

It is there I lived in serene sensuousness
In the midst of blue sky, waves, splendor
And naked slaves impregnated with perfumes

Cooled my brow with palms,
And whose one care was to understand
The grievous secret which made me sad.

Looking to a range of influences from trip-hop and deep house, to ambient and neo-classical (with just a dash of guitars), Rektagon presents a series of concise, lush pictures anchored by emotive melodies and infectious grooves, even in Dreampeoms’s most abstract moments.


released August 2, 2017

Written, produced, mixed, and mastered by Tyler Postiglione
Cover photography by Mackenzie Leighton
Cover design by Tyler Postiglione



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